Baggage Hander Filmed Opening Luggage On JetStar Plane

Pretty much what everybody thinks in the back of their minds… a baggage handler rummaging through their luggage while it’s being taken on the plane.

This wasn’t some misplaced fear though, one of the airport ground staff at Phuket was actually filmed doing it.

Officials were tipped off about the shocking extra-curricular activities of Abdullah Hayee Mayeh, 27, at Phuket International Airport.

They secretly recorded him opening bags that had been loaded into the hold of the JetStar A320 before a scheduled flight at 9.45am on October 10.

Abdullah was promptly arrested on the airport apron and made to empty his pockets. Police found a black, wireless Bluetooth speaker.

He was arrested at Saku Police Station and made to pose for pictures after being charged with theft. He’ll be processed by the courts in the coming weeks.

Airports Of Thailand (AOT), which carried out the investigation into the man, confirmed that he had been arrested.

They said in a statement: ”We have been coordinating this operation with Tourism Police and the concerned parties in the effort to stop such burglary in the aircraft compartment.”

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