Shameless Backpacker On The Bangkok To Pattaya Bus

Look at this specimen. The revolting t*atpacker was sat across the aisle from me on the Bangkok to Pattaya bus last Friday afternoon.

Yes, serves you right for paying 100 baht for a cheapo bus ride to hell-hole tourist resort, some might say.

But that doesn’t excuse the utter lack of respect shown by this backpacking twat – aka backpacker.

The guy had it all – wooly wanna-be rasta hat, yoga mat in his backpack, tin camping cup, shabby ripped vest, even shabbier see-through (yes!) cotton fisherman pants.

All of that can just about be tolerated.

But when he sat in his seat, immediately fully reclined it to the obvious displeasure of the passenger behind him, then proceeded to put his stinking twatpacking feet up onto the drinks holder, well the line has to be drawn.

The camera phone had to come out.

Now this wasn’t some travel-happy teen who could just about be forgiven in the name of youthful innocence.

This was a grown man. Late 30s or early 40s I’d say, judging by his greying stubble and what was visible of his hair from under his ridiculous wooly hat (who wears a wooly hat in Bankok’s 30+ heat anyway?).

Yes, this backpacking buffoon showed a complete disrespect for his fellow passengers and for the culture of his host country.

Sticking your bare feet in the air at people is disrespectful. But on a packed bus, when yu haven’t showered for days, and plonking them somewhere that people will be drinking from is downright disgusting.

Later on in the journey he adjusted his position. He put his left foot on the hand rest n front and splayed his right leg across the girl sitting next to him, presumably mrs twatpacker, and rested it on the window.

Quite why all those hours of yoga haven’t brought him any enlightenment is anybody’s guess. Perhaps he’s just a beginner.

But what baffles me is that even the poorest of Thais show basic respect and decency when in public. My Mrs won’t let me go to anywhere vaguely official like an airport, train station, or doctors appointment without getting decked out in my sunday best.

Perhaps this tow-curling creature thought that as he was in a third world country he could behave like an animal because the people deserve no better.

Would he behave like this at home? Of course not! So why in Thailand?

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