Backpacker Bottled On Koh Phagnan Full Moon Party

The woman smashed over the head with a bottle at the Full Moon party needed 20 STITCHES, police said.

Franco Correia, 22, from Portugal, had been at the notorious beach event before getting into an argument with staff from a local shop near the beach in Koh Phangnan, Thailand, at 2am on Monday morning.

The worker, Jakkrit Jantason, 29, was angry that the reveller and her friend were sitting on the ground eating food and blocking the entrance to the all-night grocery store.

A tussle between Jakkrit and Franco ensued – before he whacked her with the full beer bottle leaving her shocked and coverer in blood.

Police are now waiting to speak with the backpacker after Jakkrit told officers she had scratched him during the fight and that he wanted to make a complaint.

He claims that he used the bottle in self-defence to break up the fight.

Koh Phangan police superintendent Pol Col Sathit Kongnian said they had traced the woman’s hotel but had so far not received a complaint from her.

He said that officers would need her to visit the station to make a complaint before they could take any action.

Pol Col Sathit Kongnian said: ”The argument started when staff from the shop asked one of the tourists to move.

”Mr Jakkrit Jantason, aged 29, said he asked the woman and showed her a sign and claims they became aggressive.

”He has shown us his injuries and wished to make a complaint against the tourist. We are now waiting for her to make a complaint but we cannot do anything until we have spoken to her.

”Witnesses have told us that she has been treated for her injuries and received 20 stitches in her head.”

Onlookers captured the moment one of the men in a black t-shirt grabbed a full bottle of beer and smashed it over the revellers head at 2.20am local time on Monday (27/08).

While CCTV shows the fracas which quickly stopped after the shocking attack, which left the woman covered in blood.

The shop owner said the dispute started after the men asked the woman to move because she was blocking the entrance.

Phattalung Phatthana said: ”The full clip shows who started the argument and how it happened. The men tell the woman not to sit in front of the shop because other tourists can’t walk by. The woman then become angry and a fight starts.”

Another witness said she had gone to buy medicine at the store near the middle of the beach where the full moon when she found the Thai men arguing with the women.

The young woman, who recorded the clip, added: ”The man took a bottle and hit the woman on the head. The man is angry at me because he said I made them look bad by recording it.”

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