Baby With Six Fingers And Six Toes Born In Chonburi

A mother gave birth at the roadside to a baby girl with 12 fingers and 12 toes.

Sunisa Namsak, 23, went into a labour and was on the way to a hospital in Chonburi, Thailand on Sunday August 4 afternoon.

But the driver had to pull over when it became clear that Sunisa’s were quickening and the infant was on its way.

Sunisa gave birth at the roadside where her relatives who were also in the car noticed the unusual appearance of the the baby girl and the example of polydactyly.

Proud grandmother, Duangkeaw Suaykratok, 59, was present at the birth with rescue workers helping in the difficult situation.

Duangkeaw said: ”I was relieved that the newborn baby and my daughter were safe.

“I was not so surprised that the girl was a six-fingered baby because me and my daughter possessed six fingers as well. I think it runs in the family.”

Rescue workers took the mother and baby to hospital where they were both checked over and given a clean bill of health.

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