Baby Rushed To Hospital With Metal Bowl Stuck On Head

This baby boy was rushed to the hospital after getting a metal BOWL stuck on his head.

The three-month-old little lad started playing with the zinc-plated kitchen utensil while his mum’s back was turned.

She was praying in a different home in their room in Rueso district of Narathiwat province, southern Thailand, when she heard him crying.

The concerned woman ran in to find the hapless tot with the cream coloured bowl upside down and covering his eyes.

She tried to remove it but it had somehow became stuck on the baby’s head. He was rushed to the nearby Rueso Hospital where medics spent an hour carefully removing the bowl after the incident on September 7.

Doctor Palm Kochakorn said: ”When the baby arrived he was upset. He was crying a lot and panicking. We tried to use lubricant to remove the metal but it was not successful.”

Doctors carefully cut open the bowl and removed it.

Dr Kochakorn added: ”We had to be careful because he was moving around a lot. I hope he has learned now not to do this. Luckily he was not injured.”

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