Baby Girl Sleeping On Daddy’s Street Food Stall

This adorable toddler found a strange place to take a nap – lying on the counter of her daddy’s street food stall.

The baby girl was stretched out on the chrome surface to the portable food wagon while fried insects and vegetables were served up.

Her father leans over her tiny legs to crack eggs before dropping them into a plastic bag to hand to a customer.

Baby Sleeping On Street Food Stall Chopping… by viralpress

Incredibly, the tot is oblivious to the world as music blares out, customers chat and cars drive by the roadside.

The clip went viral after being shot by passerby Natchaporn Chansombun in the Arum Ammarin district of Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday night.

She said: ”He loves his children so much he even takes them to work with him when he’s selling food.

”I hope they love him a lot when they get older because he’s working hard to take care of them.

”His wife was from Vietnam but she was selling food in a different area.

There was nobody to look after the girl so he was babysitting her, and she was sleeping while he served food. It’s better than leaving them with a babysitter.

”He can be the father and the mother at the same time. It was quite an inspiration to me.”

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