Baby Elephant Tries To Play With Mahout

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant tries to play with his mahout as he paints a fence – tapping him with his trunk to get his attention.

Dan Daeng, 20, was doing the DIY task giving the bamboo poles a coat of protective paint for the coming winter when the one-year-old jumbo walked over behind him.

The playful little elephant named Khunsuk reached through his enclosure and began using his trunk to tap Daeng on his leg.

The mahout tried to ignore the elephant and carry on his with his work, but Khunsuk slapped him on the cheek with his trunk until her caught his attention.

Khunsuk then stood up on his two hind legs while resting his front feet on the fence as he ruffled the mahout’s hair with his trunk.

The adorable footage was captured at the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp in in Chiang Mai.

Dan, the lad in the video, said: ”I didn’t notice him behind me until he touched my leg with his trunk.

”He just wanted to play but I was busy painting. Khunsuk has more energy than any elephant I have seen. He very cute.”

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