Baby Boy Abandoned Wrapped In Football Shirt In Pattaya

A two-week-old baby boy was found abandoned last night  after being wrapped in a Leicester City football shirt and left on a set of steps.

Residents heard the infant crying in a dark alley in the city of Pattaya at around 6:30pm. He had been wrapped in a blue Leicester shirt and another white blanket.

Neighbour Kalong Kaensamrong, 42, found the baby boy and held him until police and paramedics arrived to take him to hospital for health checks.

She said: ”Before we found the baby there was a young woman, maybe 20 years old or 25, who was hanging around the area sitting on the steps in front of the house. The baby was crying.

”I asked the woman what was the problem, and why she was here. She said she was waiting for a friend on a motorcycle. I don’t know who she is. She’s not somebody who lives here.

”I did not think any more about this and walked back into the house. Then I just heard the baby voice. I quickly found out that the baby was left alone on the floor, so I hurried to pick up the boy and comfort him, and then call the police.”

Police Liutenant General Naret Pumsuk said officers were notified at 6:30pm of a baby ”dumped at the front of a house”.

He said: ”At the scene there was a newborn baby boy about two weeks old and he was crying. The villagers were comforting him and criticising the mother, speaking very harshly of who could do this.

”We will investigate the suspects and assist to find a resolution that is best for the welfare of the baby. The hospital staff will find protection and a home for the infant.”

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