Australians Fighting In Bali Street Brawl

Australian tourists were filmed in a mass street brawl with locals in Bali – despite a VOLCANO eruption on the island.

The shirtless Ozzies began fighting with a group of ‘’eight or ten’’ Indonesian students on Monday night – the same day the tourist destination was in panic over the eruption of Mount Agung.

Mobile phone footage shows the men scrapping on a packed Legian Street in the Kuta district of the island. They then ‘’ran away’’ after authorities arrived to calm the situation.

One onlooker who recorded the scene said: ‘’I have a shop on the road and went out to see what was happening because there were a lot of people.

”It happened at about 11pm and there were about one or two white foreigners. I’m 100% sure they were Australian.

”They were fighting with a group of about eight or ten local Indonesia students. The students were all teenagers, probably no older than 18.

‘’I’m not sure what they were arguing about. It happened pretty fast. And it was over in about three minutes and the group ran away.

‘’Obviously there’s a volcano eruption at the moment and it’s quite far away. But I would have thought it might have been a time for people to take it easy and support each other.’’

Mount Agung began erupting for the second time last Saturday leaving tens of thousands of tourists stranded after the closure of the island’s only airport.

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