Australian tourist, 38, facing five years in Thai jail after ‘stealing drone, sunglasses and designer handbags’

An Australian tourist was facing up to five years in prison after allegedly stealing a drone from a gadget shop in Thailand.

Ayden Depp, 38, was seen on CCTV appearing to leave the Central Floresta store with the 28,990 Baht (1,400 AUD) item in Phuket on December 26.

Police said he then left the country for Yangon in neighbouring Burma but he was detained at the island’s airport when he flew back to Thailand on Saturday (Jan 4).

Officers said they raided Ayden’s rented apartment where they found designer handbags and sunglasses, which they believe were also stolen and worth more than 100,000 Baht (4,800AUD).

Ayden allegedly confessed to stealing the Parrot ANAF-Go 33961 as an act of ”revenge” against the retailer, which he said had hold him a faulty electric razor.

Police Major General Krissak Songmoonnaksaid: ”The tourist said he had recently bought a razor from the shop but it broke after a short time.

“He went to the shop asking for a refund but they refused, which upset him so he decided to steal the drone.

“We searched his luggage and found Chanel, Prada and other luxury bags that we believe he did not pay for, as he could not produce receipts.

“We have seized those items and we will contact department stores in the area to check if they have missing products.”

Police said that they will charge Depp with theft of the expensive drone and gather more evidence for the other suspected stolen goods.

Major General Krissak Songmoonnak added: “The man first entered Thailand on November 4 with a visa that expired in December 3 and he extended to January 2.

“He went to Yangon in Mayanmar after committing a crime on December 26, the came back to Thailand with a new visa but he was arrested before he could leave the airport.

”His visa expire on February 2 so we will try to push the case to court before then.”

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