Aussie Shopkeeper Impresses With His Durian Skills

An Australian shopkeeper has been praised after demonstrating his efficient way of opening a durian fruit.

Simon Sargent, 34, was filmed gently prizing open a Malaysian variety of the fruit that was grown near his store in Darwin, northern Territory.

The process often requires an experienced handler to smash the sides of the hard spiky shell with a large knife. But nimble-fingered Simon managed to pull apart the fruit after making just one small incision.

Impressed viewers of the video praised Simon’s nimble-fingered skills.

Varman Gunasaegaram said: ”As a Malaysian, I’m impressed with your technique.”

Nelly Loke said: ”Finally, a foreigner that knows the proper way to open a durian instead of chopping it in the middle.”

Azzah Zahirah Aziz said: ”I am amazed this guy knows how to open durian. In some parts of europe, they just chop like watermelon.”

Simon said he was pleased with all of the feedback. He said: ”It’s good to know people loved my video as the intention of this was to bring customers to my store and never imagined it would go as far as it has.

”I am so happy to be known as the foreigner durian man.

”I’ve owned my shop for more than two years. I originally lived in Vietnam for five years and South Korea for two years.

”My shop is one of the biggest in Adelaide for Asian fruits as I have fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit, lychee, longan, and dragon fruit.

”These are all grown in Australia and we have imported tropical fruits when not in season.”

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