Aussie Bottles Another Customer At Bar In Pattaya

This is the shocking moment an Australian drinker bottled another customer in an unprovoked attack in a bar.

The attacker, Alan Toner, 48, was drinking at a table when he suddenly jumped to his feet and smashed the glass beer bottle over the victim’s head.

CCTV shows how the man was instantly knocked unconscious and fell backwards onto the ground at the bar in Pattaya, Thailand, on February 11 just after 1am.

Toner then calmly returned to his seat in front of shocked holidaymakers at Triangle Bar in the Sin City tourist hotspot.

Staff and other customers rushed to help the unconscious man who was taken to the Pattaya Hospital where the doctor put splints on his broken arm and wrist and gave him 17 stitches on his head.

Toner fled the venue but was arrested the following week and remanded in custody at the police station.

Sources close to the case said the dispute was later resolved with mediation between Toner, the victim and the police before it progressed to court.

Staff at the venue said that the incident ‘’did not reflect well’’ on the bar but that it was an ‘’isolated incident’’.

A worker there said: ‘’Everything was sorted between the different parties three weeks ago. We just want to end the matter and move on.

‘’The guy who smashed the bottle was waiting for a court case but it was settled amicably before it went that far.’’

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