Aussi, 64, Stung To Death By Bees While Having BBQ

An Australian man was stung to death by a swarm of BEES after disturbing their hive while having a BBQ, it emerged today.

Ex-pat Peter Williams, 64, had been grilling meat outdoors with villagers in remote Phayao province, in northern Thailand, last Saturday morning.

Smoke from the charcoal irritated a nearby bee hive and hundreds of the insects began dive-bombing Peter, who was also known as Willie.

Phayao province in remote northern Thailand near the border with Laos

Phayao province in remote northern Thailand near the border with Laos

Terrified villagers ran away but Peter tried to hide under a nearby tree – before the bees found him and stung him repeatedly as he gasped for breath .

Police said Peter had been among a group making food to be given as offerings in a religious ceremony at the local temple in Ban Krai Baka village in Phayao’s Nam Wae subdistrict.

Pol Capt Bandit Mutdimanka, from Chiang Kham Provincial Police Station, said Peter was driven to hospital by a neighbour but had already died when they arrived.

He said: ”We found Mr Peter William at the house where he lived.

”His body was covered with numerous red and green bruise marks.

”The attack happened on March 18 at 11am.”

Neighbour Ammasawan Wongganta told police that smoke from the grill and the smell of food had disturbed the bees and Peter had not ran away.

They returned to his body when the stinging attack had passed.

Pol Capt Bandit added: ‘’Miss Ammasawan told us that the village was preparing food for oblation when the heat of the grill and the thick smoke cloud busted a beehive.

‘’He did not run away and the bees swarmed around him and attacked him until he could not breathe.’’

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