Asia Books On Sukhumvit Road

Asia Books is probably the only book shop on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road. It’s certainly the only book shop on the lower Sukhumvit Road close to the nightlife area of bars and nightclubs.

The reason I wanted to include Asia Books on this site is because it’s a cool little shop and because of the location. It’s a great way to mix up the mongering with some culture.

Asia Books has a wide range of niche titles but specialises in travel titles and Asian history. There’s also loads of books on Thailand as well as Thai cooking. Plus photography books. If you venture upstairs there’s a whole lot more to explore. And at the front of the shop is a magazine stand for picking up monthly periodicals and niche titles like The Economist.

All of the books are sold at the cover price and the publishers RRP. There are very few discounts – it’s certainly not an Amazon. If you’re on holiday though, and have a budget to burn, spending a few hundred baht is no big deal.

Asia Books is a great place to pick up a holiday read and relax in a coffee shop on Sukhumvit Road while you watch the girls and tourists walk by. (A great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon). Or a nice way to find a unique title for sitting by the pool or taking onwards travel to islands or another country.

If you’re like me, you can spend plenty of time just browsing the titles and flicking through the pictures. It’s nice to buy one occasionally, and Asia Books Sukhumvit Road has plenty of choice for that.

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