Angry Wife Catches Husband Drinking… Smashes Up Bar!

This is the astonishing moment a furious wife catches her husband out drinking – and smashes up the bar with a metal pole.

The frustrated wife launched the astonishing ten-minute rampage after complaining that her man spent every night of the week at the street stall eating and drinking with pals.

She found her fella out with pals eating and drinking at the street stall.

The furious wife screams obscenities and starts by trashing the counter and metal grill before hitting a bag of food hanging from the ceiling and and knocks over dozens of pots and pans.

Wearing a blue t-shirt, green shorts and flip-flops, she then storms onto the sitting area slamming the metal pole onto tables and smashing glasses and bottles.

Stunned men who had their supper interrupted try to calm her down shouting ‘hey, hey, hey, enough, enough’ but she continues her expletive-ridden rant.

The terrifying attack was filmed by onlookers in Sakon Nakhon, northeastern Thailand.

The furious wife is heard yelling: ”Go now, go now. You want to sit on here a lot? You want to sit here? Ok, you sit here.”

Ong Maneekrua, 26, who has a stall at the market and watched the rampage, said: ”The woman was out of control. People were telling her to calm down. But she was possessed by jealousy.

”She was angry that her husband had been staying out every night drinking and eating at the street bar with friends.

”Nobody really wanted to stop her when she was hitting things with the metal pole.

”Unfortunately she caused quite a lot of damage to other people’s property and there will be consequences for her.”

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