Angry German tourist arrested for saying plane should be BOMBED over 15-minute delay

A German tourist angry over a delayed flight was arrested after telling ground staff that the plane should be BOMBED.

Mike Wilms, 26, was returning from a holiday in Phuket to Bangkok on Monday (November 16) when boarding started around 15 minutes late. 

The man was heard muttering obscenities under his breath while standing in the queue at the gate. 

When he handed over his boarding pass and received the stub back, he blurted out ”honestly, this plane should be bombed”.

Shocked VietJet employee Jitphisut Phrom-in told her colleague and they immediately raidoed for help. 

Officers arrived and dragged Mike away to be questioned in offices at the Phuket International Airport.

He allegedly admitted making the remarks and was angry because the flight VZ305 had been delayed.

It was due to start take-off at 12:15pm but they were only just boarding the domestic flight, which takes around 90 minutes. Boarding usually happens around 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled take-off.

Lieutenant Colonel Kaken from the Saku district police station said the delay to the flight was ”not substantial.”

The police chief said that Mike had been charged under Section 22 of the Act on Certain Offences Against Air Navigation.

The law states that ”any person notifying messages or sending information known to be false, and such act causes or is likely to cause persons in the airport or persons on board an aircraft in flight to be in panic, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine not exceeding B200,000, or both.”

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