Brit Jailed In Cambodia For Dealing Meth

A British man in orange jumpsuit walks from a Cambodian court after this week being jailed for three years for selling crystal meth with his girlfriend.

Andrew Sloman, 51, from Aylesbury, Bucks., had been staying in the country when he sent his partner Chang Sreypheak, 28, to sell meth, known as ‘ice’.

She was caught with 1.4 grams of the substance in October last year sparking a police raid on Sloman’s hotel where he had 40g or the drug and paraphernalia.

The pair had spent eight months awaiting trial in prison in capital Phnom Phem. Sloman denied the charges but was found guilty on Monday of dealing the drug and on Wednesday jailed for three years.

Footage shows him handcuffed to another prison, shuffling out of the court followed moments later by his girlfriend as he makes his way to a hell-hole Cambodia prison.

Lim Lim, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge, said Sloman was charged with ‘purchasing, storing or consuming 40 grams of Crystal Meth under Article 40 of the Law on Drugs Management’ and ‘trading and supplying’ the substance.

Andrew Sloman

Andrew Sloman

Chang Sreypheak

Chang Sreypheak

Chang Sreypheak walking in handcuffs

Chang Sreypheak walking in handcuffs

Judge Lim said: ”Chang Sreypheak admitted that she had taken the drugs three times from Mr Andrew Sloman for sale in exchange for $10 or $15 from customers.

‘’She responded that she and Andy used the drugs, they slept together and he also took Viagra for sexual enhancement.

‘’Mr Andrew Sloman denied the charges but the court found against him.”

The court heard that on the day of their arrest, ordered his Cambodian girlfriend to take 1.41grams of illegal drugs to a woman for a price of $55.

But police caught her in the Daun Penh district of the city and raided the 9 Star Guesthouse they had been staying at, where they found a haul of the crystal meth, also known as ice.

Sloman claimed the drugs were for personal use and he had not sent his partner out to sell them.

He was found guilty and jailed for three years while Sreypeak was sentenced to two-and-and-a half years.

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