American Woman Fined For Bangkok Graffiti Spress

Two American tourists were arrested and fined after sparking outrage when they were filmed casually daubing graffiti in broad daylight.

Jessie Jones, 22, and boyfriend Zach Beiser, 29, were filmed walking hand-in-hand before Jessie tagged items in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday afternoon.

Footage shows Jessie using a green pain pen to write a ‘WOAH’ tag inside a phone box then daubing writing ‘XA’ on the side of an electricity and another tag on an advertising display.

Despite knowing they are being filmed, ‘arrogant’ Zach belw a kiss at the man behind the camera in front of the Bangkok Bank headquarters on Silom Road.

Predictably, police quickly traced the two tourists and hauled them into the Thung Mahamek police station where they were forced to apologise and each fined 2,500 baht.

Jessie appeared on Thai television saying: ‘’Sorry for disrespecting the Thai people by writing on the streets of Bangkok and being so naive and disrespectful.”

Police Major General Surachet Khunpawan said: ‘’Jessie Jones, 22, and Zach Beiser, 29, both of American citizenship were arrested at a hotel in the Surawong district.

‘’They were found to have a green and pink pen. They apologised for doing the graffiti and offending the country of Thailand. They were fined under the law which states no person vandalise any areas of the city.

‘’Together they were fined 5,000 Baht.’’

Footage of the incident went viral and sparked anger from locals who branded them ”animals’’.

Outraged passerby Vorathep Charoenpornpanich said at the time: ‘’I saw her with my own eye paint at least three tags in the street.

‘’Even people were looking at them but they didn’t care about anything. They have no shame. They are definitely foreign but I don’t know their nationality.

”In my mind, there is no country in the world you can do this. Both of them are immature.

‘’Doing this is illegal in any country, but to do it in a country that you are a guest in, shows a lot of disrespect. The man was so arrogant.

‘’The fine for this crime is only 5,000 Baht which is very low. I hope the police find them and make them apologise for this. I have reported this to the police.”

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