American tourist ‘raped on Thai island by builder who opened hotel room door as she slept’

An American tourist was allegedly raped on Thai island by builder who opened her hotel room door as she slept.

The young woman, who cannot be named, checked into the bungalow with her partner in Koh Phangan last Thursday (19/03) afternoon.

But while her boyfriend went outside, a furniture delivery worker who was installing equipment at the resort, allegedly noticed the sleeping woman through a window. He then opened the door and lay down on the bed next to her.

The woman said at first she thought its was her boyfriend but then realised it was an intruder and tried to push him away. The alleger attacker is then said to have raped her while his colleague stood at the door and watched. They then fled together before police arrested both of them.

Police said the woman waited for her boyfriend to return then they made a complaint at the local station. She was taken to the hospital before being questioned by the police.

Officers arrested two suspects, Pongsathorn Patint , 26, and Rajan Kaewkohlaba, 23, at the island’s pier as they were allegedly about to leave the island.

Police said that Pongsathorn admitted raping the American woman while Rajan watched.

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