American Tourist KNOCKED OUT By Pattaya Taxi Driver

An American tourist lies comatose on the ground after being KNOCKED out by a taxi driver.

Stuart Rhodes, 40, had been partying when he allegedly ran into the road and blocked a taxi in Pattaya on Thursday evening.

The driver Anan Buntha, 46, told police he had passengers inside the car and asked Mr Rhodes to move out of the way.

But the two began arguing and Anan punched him to the ground which knocked him out.

Footage shows Mr Rhodes receiving treatment from passersby as he lies comatose on the pavement.

Officers arrived after the incident at 11pm and interviewed Anan who admitted punching the tourist after he allegedly grabbed his shirt ‘’and started fighting’’.

Lietentant Superintendet Supun Sopee from Pattaya Police said: ‘’Police inquired at the scene with Mr Anan Buntha, 46 years old, a taxi chauffeur.

”He said that he did not know where the foreign man had come from, he ran into the road, smashed his taxi and stood in front of the car.

‘’Mr Anan said that he started fighting and pulled his shirt. He responded by punching him in the face.

‘’We have to wait for the injured person to heal before hearing his testimony for the investigation. We will need to check the area and the CCTV to be fair to both parties.

‘’We could not get any details from the injured at the time. He was incoherent after the injury and we will wait to see if he was drunk.”

Stuart was given first aid treatment at the roadside before being taken to nearby hospital and treated for head injuries.

He is currently recovering at the Pattaya City Hospital while officers continue the investigation.

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