American Paedo Arrested In Philippines For Grooming 17-year-old

American citizen Antonio F. Bounab, 52, was arrested at the airport in Pasay, Philippines on May 17 for allegedly trying to meet up with a 17-year-old Filipino minor.

The entrapment operation was conducted by combined forces of Philippine police- women and children protection center and U.S. Homeland Security

The WCPC was contacted by U.S. Homeland Security to investigate Bounab, according to ABS CBN.

Chief Supt. William Macavinta, director of the PNP-Women and Children Protection Center, said: ”They received information that a certain U.S. national will be traveling to the Philippines from Incheon, Korea.

”They have past holdings of this case. They are monitoring him, including the accounts the suspect is using. The latest activity they tracked was that he will go to the Philippines because he is talking to a Filipina and he wants to have a sexual relationship with her, and have a child with her.

”Our counterparts were able to identify that the three persons he was talking to are aged 16 to 17. They referred the case to us.

”When talking to a woman, he says he will be arriving tomorrow, let’s meet at this time, I will be there, let’s meet at the airport.”

The WCPC said the operation was successful because of the cooperation of their foreign counterparts in stopping online sexual exploitation of children.

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