American Lawyer Arrested Over ‘Child Sex’ In Cambodia

An American tourist has been arrested after allegedly paying two children 120USD to sexually abuse them.

Rugh Cline, 38, is alleged to have approached the young sisters both under 15 on Pub Street in Siem Reap, Cambodia, last week.

The holidaymaker (full name Rugh James Cline) from New Jersey allegedly took the girls back to his hotel where he sexually assaulted them, paying them between ten dollars and 50 dollars on three different occasions.

Accusations emerged on Saturday (18/05) when the parents of the two girls, who are sisters, found out about the relationship between her daughters and the tourist.

Officers obtained an arrest warrant and detained Cline on Monday (20/05) at 4.30pm. They are now probing further claims from two other alleged victims that have emerged.

Cline is alleged to have picked up those youngsters in similar circumstances and paid them for sexual services.

The tourist’s passport showed he had arrived in Cambodia on May 7 from Vietnam and had later planned to fly to Beijing in China.

He had also visited the South East Asian country – notorious for its child sex tourists – once already earlier this year.

A Cambodia Police statement said that Colonel Chea Heng, Chief of Anti-Human Trafficking and Minor Protection Department of Provincial Police Siem Reap had questioned Cline but he denied the charges.

It added: ‘’According to the two girls, Rugh James Cline, a US citizen, was in the Pub Street area and brought them to his place to stay and to have sex with him until he came out.

‘’And gave a total of $120 in cash to the girls over three occasions.

‘’After questioning, Mr. Vann Neth, Prosecutor of Siem Reap Court of First Instance, decided to detain then American at 16.30 minutes on May 20, 2019.’’

Brigadier General Doung Thavary, deputy Siem Reap provincial police chief, said today that the juvenile protection bureau received a complaint from the mother of the girls.

Police are understood to have uncovered two more alleged victims that Cline paid to abuse.

Brigadier General Doung added: ‘’Now police found the four sexually-abused girls and all of them are aged under 15. We are sending him to the provincial court for questioning today.’’

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