Amazing Unicorn Rainbow Captured In The Clouds

This stunning rainbow was captured in the sky and appears to resemble a UNICORN.

Anne Salikala, 21, spotted the incredible shimmering clouds in the sky in Pagadian City, the Philippines.

The unique formation looks like the multicoloured flowing mane of the mythological horned creature.

Anne, a nurse, said she recorded the ‘’unicorn rainbow’’ at around 3pm but it disappeared quickly after.

She said: ‘’When I saw it I just thought that it looked like a unicorn, so I called it a unicorn cloud. It looks like a unicorn is coming.

The unicorn rainbow caught on camera in the Philippines

The unicorn rainbow caught on camera in the Philippines

‘’It was amazing. It looked like a magical kind of phenomenon. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

‘’It wasn’t in the sky for long. So I was lucky to be able to record it. Certainly, it has made a lot of people happy to look at it.’’

The stunning rainbow is believed to have formed from a combination of the humidity, heat, and tiny droplets of water suspended around the cloud.

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