Air Hostesses Gone Wild! Emirates Trolley Dolley’s Life Of Partying

Liz Sukhum is an air hostess with Emirates. But if you followed her Facebook page she could be mistaken for a nightclub hostess.

Hardly a day goes by without live broadcasts of her partying, drinking and smoking. One wonders the mile-high fun she must have with the pilots and first class passengers.

Recently she took it on herself to organise a shoot with several oiled-up Thai hunks in their Speedos. Unfortunately the results aren’t that flattering for Liz and its clear that her body’s a little jet-lagged from all that flying round the world.

That didn’t stop the pictures being picked up by a few of the smaller Thai media outlets who published pieces on them. One wonders what her Employers in the Middle East would think of her out-of-school activities.

She’s one of those fillies suitable for a gallop until the early hours after a skinful, but not the kind of bird that could be pinned down to be wifey material.

So enjoy air hostess gone wild Liz Sukhum, who can be followed on Facebook for regular videos of her drinking and partying. Oh, some people may also remember her from being in the Thai news last year, when a video of her having some linguistic misunderstandings with a geordie from Newcastle, England, went viral.

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