African Woman Jumps To Her Death From Brit’s Condo After Phone Call

An African woman who went back to a British teacher’s condo in Bangkok jumped to her death after receiving a mystery phone call.

The 22-year-old from Uganda had been resting with Ashley Daniels, 50, at the Suksawat Modern Condo View in the Rat Burana district after they returned home at 2am.

But her phone rang at 4am and after answering it she had an argument with the caller and became distressed.

Ugandan woman jumps from Bangkok condo

A Ugandan woman jumped from Bangkok condo

The woman – who has not been named – then jumped from the 14th floor room landing on the bank of canal below.

Ashley, an English teacher at Panyasak School ran down and leapt into to water to retrieve her dead body – sobbing with it on the ground as cops arrived.

Lt. Col. Pradit Plaiduan said: ‘She wasn’t his girlfriend. But they met at a party. He was crying and hugging her really sadly.’

Ashley told police the Ugandan woman had been arguing on the phone but he didn’t recognise the language.

Police recovered the smashed phone from the girl’s pocket. She had been wearing blue shorts and a black top.

Lt. Col. Pradit Plaiduan added that police are waiting for the results of a post mortem examination.


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