Abandoned Millionaires Hotel In Japan

We quite like videos of abandoned hotels. Here’s an interesting short documentary from Japan about an abandoned millionaires royal hotel and resort in the Island of Hachiojima, off the coast of Tokyo.

The video, which was filmed on May 20, accurately depicts some of the spots of the Hachijo Royal Hotel that went in ruin after it closed in 2006.

“The hotel was opened in 1963 – eight years after the former military airport on Hachijojima was turned over to civilian control and four years after the local tourist office was established,” the filmmaker wrote online.

Hachijo Royal Hotel was the biggest hotel in Japan in 1963.

The filmer added: ”Tourism on the Izu Islands was booming back then, especially on Hachijojima, since the government nicknamed it the ‘Hawaii of Japan’.”

The Hotel was closed and re-opened several times in its history, due to a steep decline of tourism. Hachijojima’s lack of sand beaches and spare time offers are amongst the causes that fostered the island’s decline.

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