20ft Long Python Puts Up A Fight After Killing Dog

A ferocious 20ft long python spreads its jaws and HISSES after being caught and having its lunch snatched away – as it prepared to feast on a pet bulldog.

The snake suffocated the four-year-old white dog named ‘Big’ last Thursday morning at 9am.

It dragged the dead pooch into undergrowth as it limbered up to swallow its victim in Bangpakong, Thailand.

But owner Noi Thongchai, 45, realised the dog was not barking as normal and called the emergency services when she spotted the reptile strangling her dog in the bushes.

Snake catchers hacked through the trees and dragged the angry snake into the open – where it spread its deadly jaws and hissed menacingly after being denied its dinner.

The beast even tried to escape several times as six men grappled to cram it into a bag to be driven away.

Devastated grandmother Noi said: ‘’I returned home in the morning and noticed that Big was not running around in the yard. He was not barking like normal.

‘’I shouted him and he did not come running to me. I looked in the trees and saw him on the ground with a large snake. Immediately I shouted for help from people in the village.

‘’I don’t understand how the snake caught him. It must have been quick to catch Big, he was a smart dog and so strong.”

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