Two-month-old Baby Found Crying After Mum’s Suicide

This is the heartbreaking moment a two-month-old baby was found crying in his dead mother’s arms after she committed suicide over a problem with her boyfriend.

Ploy Chan, 22, had been working as a hostess at a karaoke bar while looking after the tot in a shabby single room in Pattaya, Thailand.

Police were alerted to the tot’s wailing and broke down the door to find the young mother’s lifeless body sprawled out of the floor.

The two-month-old baby found crying in his mother's arms after she committed suicide in Pattaya

The two-month-old baby found crying in his mother’s arms after she committed suicide in Pattaya

Her traumatised son was lying next to her in her arms.

The woman had suffered injuries and materials used to commit suicide were found by her side. Police ruled out any suspicious activity after arriving at the home on March 2 at around 6pm.

Friends said the girl was ‘’possessed by jealousy’’ after a series of relationship problems with her boyfriend, who is also the young baby’s father.

Neighbour Fah Rachatawet said: ‘’This is such a young age to die but I feel so sorry for the baby. He will grow up without a mother and knowing the way she died.

‘’She was a very jealous woman and often had the problem with her boyfriend. He worked in a different province and she believe he was cheating on her.

‘’We heard the baby had been crying for a while and it wasn’t normal so we checked then called the police. It’s a sad situation.’’

The girls body was taken away for a post mortem examination but officers believe there are no suspicious circumstances.

They said that the boyfriend and father of the youngster had been informed. The baby will now be taken into care.

Police Deputy Superintendent Hong said they found the woman’s body in a second floor room.

He added: ‘’We believe she died for one or two hours before the rescuers arrived. There is very, very strong evidence of suicide in the room. It is a suicide.

‘’The body has been taken to Banglamung hospital for relatives to await the funeral ritual.”

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