150kg Woman Freed From House To Visit Hospital

You can take me, but you’ll never take my smoothie…

This was the moment a morbidly-obese 150kg woman clutched her favourite drink as she was carried to hospital by dozens of rescuers after becoming TOO BIG for her house.

Rattanaporn Polthep, 25, ballooned in weight two years ago after developing a sweet tooth – gorging every day on ice cream, chocolate and plates of mango and sticky rice.

But in October she slipped and broke both her leg – leaving her unable to walk and with painful bed sores on her back.

Her family contacted rescuers who arrived at the small home in Bangkok last Friday and spent a WHOLE DAY carrying her to hospital.

Dozens of workers had to cut through a wall to her house – where the doors were too small for her to walk around in – then use a cutom-built wooden chair to carry her to a trolley to be wheeled to an ambulance 800 metres away.

Incredibly, as she received oxygen from a tank, she carried on eating and was pictured holding on to a super-sweet red strawberry slurpy drink as she was wheeled to the Kluaynamthai hospital.

Rattanaporn said: ‘’Two years ago I started to get fat very quickly. I love eating sweet food. I cannot stop.

‘’I had an accident about two months ago and injured my legs. Before that I could walk normally, but after that I cannot walk. I am fat, I know.

‘’But I am a good person. Before this I was always helping people in the area. There are lots of fires here and I helped people when they had problems.”

Rattanaporn lives in the Klong Toei area of the Thai capital, one of the city’s poorest slums where residents survive on around 150gbp a month.

She said that family and neighbours would often give her food.

Rattanaporn will now receive treatment for her injured legs sustained in a tumble at her house. Medics will then attempt to put her on a diet.

Dr Thaweesak Phuriwetkhunakorn, a surgeon at the hospital, said: ‘’The patient will first have an x-ray to check on her ankle which she injured in a fall.

‘’She is currently suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases. She will be checked for diabetes.

‘’There is no easy way to start a plan for her. It will be very difficult. Her weight needs to be controlled and she needs to change her habits and begin to have a diet.

‘’She cannot continue to eat so many sweet desserts.’’

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